I choose TECNIS® Personalized Vision...

Surgeons explain why they choose to pair the TECNIS Symfony IOL and TECNIS® Multifocal IOL.


“...because of the outstanding visual acuities I can achieve within my practice.1,2

- Eric Donnenfeld, MD*

Hear how Dr. Donnenfeld selects the best technology to optimize patients' quality and quantity of vision:

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“...for outstanding quality of vision day & night.3

- Keith Walter, MD*

Hear why Dr. Walter selected TECNIS® Personalized Vision for his mother-in-law:

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Lahners Thumb Donnefeld Headshot

“...for great visual acuity and patient satisfaction in my practice.1

- William Lahners, MD*

Read why TECNIS® Personalized Vision has become a leading approach in Dr. Lahner's practice:

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Patient Testimonials

“There's so much more to see that I didn’t see before. It’s opened up my world.”

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“I can see the details and the colors so much better. Now I feel more independent.”

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Resources + Tools

Options to Correct Astigmatism

Steven Dell, MD; Keith Walter, MD

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Conversations About Patients’ Options

Steven Dell, MD; Marc Bloomenstein, OD; Keith Walter, MD

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TECNIS® Vision Simulator

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Patient Vision and Lifestyle Questionnaire Thumb

Patient Vision and Lifestyle Questionnaire

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Practice Website Building Tools

Download materials to use on your practice website.

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